Dear Grandma, you taught me many good things. I’ve lost such a good mother. I’m indebted to you for lifetime. I know one way I can say thank you for that, and its by living the way you taught me to. Wish I could be as lively as you were. I know you’ll enjoy the company of granddad after so many years. You both live in our hearts. We miss you!

The year gave me enough rough patches to let me know, that life is not a bed of roses. Actually it is, but only while you hustle. It showed that being vulnerable is good, because being hard in a world that forces you to be it, leaves you weathered and lifeless. Yes, it taught me the power of remaining grounded. Of being truthful to your locked up darkest corners.  Of saying hi’s and no real goodbyes. And acknowledging that you too are no different from those you got around you.  Your weakest nerves.

It made me see those wonderful stars who would forgive me my mistakes and still illuminate their light to make me believe I’m their shining star. I was blind for too long. I made mistakes, I will continue to, I know. I still believe the perfect moments I experienced, will make me move forward rather than pull me back. Yes, I may be more silent, but I definitely have learnt to tell more. Full of hurt, and full of joys too. A stranger to many, friend to some, both to one. Finally I let myself soak in warm hugs, as we must know what it feels to drown our sorrows away, like sipping a cup of hot chocolate held in jittery cold hands, sometimes. It’s all in your mind. All of it. This was my long year in short.


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