Have I seen too much? Never!


In life, whatever experiences you involve yourself in for the first time, are the ones you can never forget.


Our trip to Rishikesh, a destination popular for its “Yog Gurus” (particularly amongst foreign tourists after the Beatles visited here) and “Adventure Activities” went quite well. Untill…The roof above my beloved friend was blown leaving behind a flash of mini swimming pool with bubbles flying around.263119

While leaving, I was informed about a national park nearby, and I ended up convincing my lazy ass friends to jump into the wagon. “Do you wish to experience those African jungles you saw on wildlife channels?”…Maybe I promised them too much. But that’s their dose I knew would work!

And finally we reached “The Rajaji National Park”, with our hopes set high believing it to be as royal as it sounds.


There we met the famous villain “Raju”, convicted of several murders and who’s name still haunted the streets of Haridwar. His right tusk was broken during the mating season. It was the mark which made him distinct from his fellows. No wonder our guide preferred to keep the jeep 400 meters away from him. We raced the jeep past him. Luckily he kept his cool!


Raju Keeping an aye on us!

We saw wild boar, fowls and spotted eagles during the three hour long drive though their hood. While the fools with me were asleep, I was busy scanning every nook and corner I could lay my eyes on. Maybe the animals already heard the roars (snores) before I had a chance to catch their glimpse. Anyways, the moment I got an opportunity to jump out of the jeep, adrenaline rushed through me. It was because I was standing on a place untouched by humans since time immemorial! Nothing could be more wonderful! I danced and breathed in me the calmness of air around me. Maybe the hiding monkeys would have loved to join me, who knows!



Here I am , there’s nowhere else on Earth I’d wish to be. I was hit hard, very hard from inside. That’s the place I always longed to live in. Somehow I felt everything around was perfect and in place.  Those beautiful shrubs spread across the wide wild grass. The air so divine I feel the presence of God all around. I’m not on Earth, I know it. The place I was living on till now, had nothing in common with this place. I’m in ecstasy.


Left with nugatory consciousness, “I’m high!” I said to myself. I could feel my identity deliquesce into nothingness. I was in a state of trance! A solo trip is on the cards soon!


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