A letter to the night. From the days so long ago.


Tell me how you want it, I’m on it.

I really mean it and I just wrote it.

Love all black though when I wear white, you be wet.

All this love I get, Never expected it like that I bet.

Let somebody try me, Imma get em feeling its supposed to be.

You say what it’s like to be with somebody like me, You’ll probably go insane with somebody like me.

If it’s love as I know, So let it all show.

Tell me how you want it, I’m on it.

Yeah you just called me, but don’t you know what I fancy.

I’m playin with nobody, they fuck arround and imma act godly.

It’s always been like a next mistake, Yeah I know but only once I do a retake.

I wanna raise a toast, but we fallin again.

Don’t finish I know you bad, still imma got some time to wait for your hand.

Yeah whatever the wants are there, a lil bit hazy they appear.

Do only a bit for others as they say, ain’t fair on me I often went out of my way.

I often will go out of my way.

I will.



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